The Solution

A new approach

Sirona is designed to help people feel naturally full, so they eat less.  This puts them in control of their weight without the need for difficult lifestyle changes or complex, expensive surgery.

Sirona is an easy-to-take capsule. Once in the stomach it expands rapidly, filling the stomach and providing a feeling of satiety within fifteen minutes. This functions the same way a gastric balloon but without the need for invasive surgery. By creating a continuous feeling of fullness people eat less and lose weight. It is designed to work for several weeks before breaking down slowly in the stomach and passing naturally.

Unlike other hydrogel based weight-loss solutions, Sirona effectively targets the stomach to provide satiety. Furthermore, our innovative technology allows Sirona to be taken much less frequently than other weight-loss solutions, making it very easy to fit into busy lives.

The action of Sirona is mechanical rather than chemical. It works similarly to surgery, but with the convenience of a pill. Early pre-clinical trials are proving it to be very effective. We aim to bring Sirona to market by 2025.

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